About this demo

Case study

Jake is a freelance web designer. He has a few clients and whished he could have a tool on his own website to manage projects with his clients:

  • Progress of their project
  • Share documents, invoices, etc.
  • Hold conversations with them
  • Allow clients to upload files for him (requirements, moodboards, etc.)

Accessing the demo

We have then two main users on this demo who have been given distinct roles.

jake / jake123

Jake is the freelancer. He can administrate the client area. Of course, he can also access his own private area so that he can conveniently create private content from the frontend for his clients.

Jake can access the WordPress administration panel to do more things and create new projects when needed.

ringo / ringo123

Ringo is a client of Jake. He is about to start his company and asked Jake to create his visual identity and his website.

A few words about this demo

For convenience, we have used the login and register forms add-on to integrate the login form directly to the Customer Area. You can see the difference if you log out and compare logging in on the gardener demo (that add-on is disabled there).

We are also using the projects add-on to allow grouping content by project. It also allows to set some general information about the project: status, dates, progress, etc. Additionally, if more than one user is involved in the project, this allows to easily share the content with all project members.

To add some private content types, we enabled both tasks and conversations add-ons.

The collaboration add-on allows users to create content directly from the private area so that the clients do not have to enter the WordPress administration panel. The advanced owner restrictions add-on allows to restrict the owners that can be chosen by the clients when they create private content. Without that add-on, clients would be able to create private content for other clients for instance.

Finally, the search add-on provides an advanced search form very useful when a lot of private content is available to a user.