About this demo

Case study

John is a gardener running his own small company. He has a few clients and decided to ask his webmaster to setup a small private area for his clients where they could get some pictures of the work in progress in their gardens and download their invoices.

This demo shows what you can do just by using the base plugin available for free on wordpress.org. No premium add-on has been activated.

Accessing the demo

We have then two main users on this demo who have been given distinct roles.

john / john123

John is the gardener. The site administrator has given him the capabilities to administrate the private area. He has been assigned a few private pages and files by the administrator as reminders about how to perform some tasks. Those of course shall not be visible by the clients of John.

John can access the WordPress administration panel to administrate the private area.

janis / janis123

Janis is a client of John. She owns a house and asked John to reinvent her garden. She can only read the private content that has been assigned to her by John.

A few words about this demo

Although we are only using the free plugin, our gardener has a perfectly functional, user friendly and easy-to-manage private area.

When you will look at the demo, you will notice that comments have been enabled to provide a way for the clients to give feedback about the private content.

We have also used categories to allow quick access to private files depending on what we are looking for: invoices or plannings. Similarly, the sidebar provides quick access to private content by date.